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How to get to Villa Neuwirth in Greifenstein

Turn into Hadersfelderstraße from the village towards "Greifenstein" (traffic junction with traffic lights). The "Villa Neuwirth" is located after about 140 m on the left side.

Directions  - Trail/Car

The train station at the station called "Greifenstein-Altenberg". Here come the trains, in both directions "Vienna", as well as coming from "Tulln", in an interval of about 30 minutes. arrived at the station, walk / drive through an underpass at the inn "Brown Bear" over, turn on the main road left and walk / drive to the next traffic intersection with traffic lights. When this turn right into Hader Straße and after about 140 m on the left side is the "Villa Neuwirth".

Directions  - Car

From Vienna airport to Villa Neuwirth there are 40km (Flughafen Wien Klosterneuburg-Kritzendorf-Höflein an der Donau-Greifenstein). At the first traffic light turn left into Hader Straße. From Tulln drive over Muckendorf an der Donau to St. Andrä-Wördern, at the roundabout (towards Vienna) to the church (traffic lights and then turn left towards Greifenstein (about 3 km). After the station Greifenstein to the traffic lights and right turn into Hader Straße. After about 140 m in the fields Hader street is the "Villa Neuwirth" on the left side.
Place sign Greifenstein
Place sign-Greifenstein
Entrance Hadersfelderstrasse
Place sign Greifenstein
Stairway to Villa
Stairway to Villa