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Do you have questions or you need further information, please call us at below phone number personally! Bookings can be made directly via Booking.com (In the query "Villa Neuwirth" enter). We ask you to announce your arrival time after booking so you do not stand as a guest in front of closed doors. Thank you so much!

Impressum & Offenlegung gemäß § 5 ECG

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Helga Neuwirth

Adress: A-3422 Greifenstein/Donau / Hadersfelderstrasse 11
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 5143590
E-Mail: villa-neuwirth@aon.at

Villa Neuwirth - Greifenstein on the Danube

Ortsschilder Greifenstein
Eingang Hadersfelderstrasse
Hadersfeldstrasse 11 - Eingang
Zugang zum Haus
Zugang zum Haus-Rückseite
Villa Neuwirth Gartenansicht
Gartenansicht zum Hang